Maintenance and precautions of high cycle fuse

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High cycle fuse is a standard equipment for blister packaging in the market, mainly used for welding and synchronous cutting of environment-friendly materials. For more and more customers using high frequency fuse, today's small edition will introduce the maintenance and use precautions of high frequency fuse. Welcome to read!

Maintenance of high cycle fuse:

1. After each product processing, the dust and sundries on the table, electrode plate, machine table and high circumference barrel shall be cleaned up with an air gun.

2. If the high cycle fusing mold is burnt due to ignition, the gap of the fusing mold can be repaired with soldering tin. If the knife mold has a gap, the knife needs to be replaced, and the insulating material of the lower mold must be replaced if it is damaged by breakdown.

3. After processing a certain amount of products, if the mold has dust or carbides due to ignition, it should be cleaned with mold washing water (such as Tianna water).

4. Clean the servo counter roll frequently and clean the surface

5. Inject lubricating oil into the bearing, guide rod, ball screw, cutter, servo screw and cutter slide every two to three months to keep the machine smooth.

6. The space between the high cycle circuit grounding copper ring and the machine table must be clean and free of foreign matters, otherwise the grounding copper ring will be damaged. If it is damaged, please replace it.

7. The water in the compressed air will accumulate in the water bottle of the filter. Before using the machine each time, please drain the water in the water bottle. If lubricating oil needs to be added to the oil atomizer, it is recommended to add ISOVG32 standard special oil No. 1 in the bottle, but it cannot exceed the indicator line.

8. If it is not used for a long time, heat up the high cycle fuse motor every other time.


Precautions in Use of High Frequency Fuse

1. The equipment uses three-phase five wire power supply, three-phase live wire 380V, and one phase zero wire, and ensures that one phase ground wire is well grounded.

2. Take out the electronic tube, place it in the oscillating barrel, and check whether the installation is correct. Shenghao Machinery Manual has an introduction to the installation of the electronic tube.

3. Before the operation of this equipment, it must be preheated for 5-10 minutes. After the vacuum electronic tube is really preheated, it can be operated to ensure the service life of the electronic tube.

4. There are two types of high cycle fuse, one is relay control. One has been controlled by PLC, so the following points should be noted when using PLC touch screen:

1) Do not use excessive force when clicking the touch screen to damage the touch screen.

2) . Click the touch screen, and your fingers should be dry. Do not touch with wet fingers.

5. When the source is connected and the control debugging is completed, we need to install the high cycle fuse mold. When debugging and installing the mold, the high cycle switch must be turned off.

6. When debugging the machine and debugging the mold operation, the machine can only be operated by one person, otherwise it will be very dangerous.

7. When the machine head descends for welding, close the three side door plate, and never touch the upper electrode plate with your hands, otherwise high frequency burns will be caused.

8. When adjusting the pressure, gradually adjust the welding pressure and cutting pressure from small to large according to the size of the product, otherwise the mold will be crushed and the product will be cut.

9. If the machine is abnormal in case of misoperation, please quickly tap the "emergency stop switch" to confirm the man-machine safety.

10. During the operation, please pay attention to whether the screen flow is normal at any time.

11. In case of continuous overcurrent or spark during operation, please find out the cause before use to avoid damage expansion.

12. There is a step-up transformer in the case. Non professional maintenance personnel should not open the case at will to avoid accidents.

13. When adjusting the high cycle power, please adjust it from small to large to avoid burning the mold due to excessive starting current.

The above explanation is about the maintenance and precautions of high frequency fuse, and I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about high frequency fuse, please click our website to browse!


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