Treatment method of high cycle machine after ignition and method of reducing ignition frequency

Date:2022-10-19 Reading:

High frequency machine is the preferred equipment for plastic heat sealing. It uses high-frequency electric field to make molecules inside the plastic vibrate to generate heat energy and fuse various products. High cycle ignition is inevitable, because it adopts electromagnetic wave principle, which can only say that the ignition frequency drops to a low point, which is mainly related to materials, and materials will ignite; Now let's learn about the handling methods and methods to reduce the firing frequency of the high frequency machine after firing?

1、 Treatment method of high frequency machine after ignition

The insulating plate of the lower mold of the high frequency machine is burnt black, and the upper mold will also burn black or burn holes at the corresponding position in serious cases. At this time, the treatment method is to clean the black area of the upper and lower molds of the high frequency machine with clean cloth dipped in alcohol or Tiannao water, scrape off the black area of the lower mold of the high frequency machine with a blade, and then stick the special high temperature tape for the high frequency mold to normal production. If the upper and lower molds of the high frequency machine have been burnt through or burned out, repair welding and replace the insulating material.

If there is only the mold on the high frequency machine, be sure to use a clean cloth dipped in alcohol or Tiannao water to clean the black part of the mold. There are tooth marks stuck to the dirty things on the mold. Scrape it off with a blade to prevent the mold from being damaged again.


2、 Method of Reducing Firing Frequency of High Frequency Wave Machine

1. In the production process of high cycle melting, the oscillating drum needs to be cleaned frequently, and only needs to be blown with an air compressor.

2. The stability of high cycle fuse is very important in the application process. High cycle synchronous fuse with unstable current will often catch fire during production.

3. The high frequency wave selects the appropriate bonding material according to the characteristics of the material. Common bonding materials on the market are: bonding paper, tetrafluoroethylene, high-temperature cloth, high-temperature adhesive tape, silica gel, kraft paper, wax paper, etc.

4. Spark tube protection shall be installed for high frequency machine as far as possible, and the one with high sensitivity shall be selected to minimize the occurrence of ignition.

Thank you for your patient reading. The above is an introduction to the solutions and methods to reduce the ignition frequency after the high frequency machine is ignited. Part of the content comes from the network and is only for reference. If you want to know more about the high frequency machine, please call us for details, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.


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