Industry Application and Function Configuration of High Frequency Fuse

Date:2022-10-19 Reading:

The high cycle fuse uses the electromagnetic field generated in the moment of high-voltage rectifier self-excited electron tube oscillation to change the plastic molecules. Under the action of air pressure and mold, it can achieve the effects of welding, cutting, sealing, embedding, etc; This operation is easy to understand and learn. Its efficiency is many times higher than that of ordinary small machines. Suitable for welding and cutting large plastic products. The process is simpler and the effect is better. High cycle fuse adopts pneumatic control, which is easy to operate. The manual feeding, reclaiming, welding and cutting are perfect and fast, with high efficiency and good process. They are suitable for welding and cutting of large inflatable toys, car mats, sports goods and other products.

High frequency fuse machine is mainly used for processing products that need high-frequency welding and must be cut at the same time. The working principle of the high cycle fuse is to use high-frequency welding first, and then cut off simultaneously through the pressure device equipped with the machine. Because it is completed at the same time, it is called high-frequency synchronous welding machine. The high cycle fuse can quickly cut off the redundant parts at the same time of material fusion welding or within a few seconds after the material fusion welding, so that the processing effect of the product is better.

High cycle fuse is accurate in positioning, and is equipped with high-precision positioning system. With this device, simple and accurate alignment can be achieved. High frequency fuse adopts high sensitivity spark protection. When sparks are generated, it can quickly cut off the high-frequency oscillation power supply to protect the mold and materials. The front and back folding design is suitable for one person to operate one machine, and the left and right sliding tables are suitable for two people to operate one machine at the same time to cooperate with different production lines to improve work efficiency. The high cycle fuse is equipped with an automatic sliding table device. During the operation, the products are transported through the sliding platform and enter the intermediate station. The cylinder on the machine head drops automatically, high-frequency welding, cooling and shaping (cutting), the machine head rises, the sliding table exits automatically, and the finished product is taken out manually. The left workstation and the right workstation can work alternately according to the time difference of taking and placing products. Greatly reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.


High cycle fuse is applicable to: polyester, PETG, GAG, EVA, TPU environment-friendly materials welding synchronous fuse link products, PETG double-sided blister housing sealed fuse links, toothbrush double-sided blister housing paper card sealed fuse links. As well as EVA and other cloth leather, automobile interior decoration, automobile ventilation seat welding, sponge helmet, motorcycle helmet lining, leather sponge pad, composite sponge, sponge planting cloth, sponge powder puff forming, high-frequency fusion machine for cosmetics sponge powder puff, high-frequency fusion machine for cosmetics powder puff, leather, pu, hot water bag, case bag, mobile phone leather case, tablet computer leather case, computer bag, thermal bag and other products that need welding and simultaneous welding.

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