High cycle process elements and industrial applications

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The high frequency electromagnetic field is generated by the electronic tube self-excited oscillator. The processed object is pressed between the upper and lower electrodes with high-frequency electromagnetic fields. Its internal molecules are excited and move at high speed to rub against each other, generate heat and melt, and achieve the purpose of welding or embossing under the pressure of the mold. The following small edition introduces the technological elements of high frequency and industrial applications. Welcome to read it!

High cycle process elements:

High frequency machine and copper mold

1、 High frequency machine

High frequency electromagnetic wave is generated by the self-excited oscillator of the high-voltage rectifier electron tube. Under the action of the high-frequency electromagnetic field, the medium material undergoes molecular polarization and is arranged in the direction of the electric field. The molecules inside the medium material are excited and move at high speed to rub against each other to generate heat. Under the pressure of the mold, the effect of welding and cutting is achieved. The current, pressure, temperature, time and other parameters of the high cycle machine can be adjusted according to the material characteristics to achieve the required effect.

2、 Copper mold

High cycle mold requires good conductivity and thermal conductivity. Considering the processing cost and durability, copper and aluminum are suitable. Therefore, we usually use copper mold and aluminum mold. The copper mold has good rigidity and conductivity, and can be used to process the mold with a knife edge. The rigidity and conductivity of aluminum film are slightly poor, which is economical.


Industrial application of automatic high-frequency wave machine:

The automatic high frequency machine is widely used in the toy daily use industry, such as stationery, stickers, plastic covers, blow toys, water beds, watch straps, clocks, electronics, toys, blow toys, cardboard hardware, gifts, CD bags, packaging bags, eye boxes, photo albums, business cards, notebooks, electronic products, tools, sports goods, battery blister shell packaging seals, handicrafts, lock type heat sealing fusion and others.

The automatic high-frequency wave machine is used in the automobile industry for heat sealing welding of various plastic materials, such as carpet embossing, soft film ceiling welding, mold structure welding, PVC canvas heat sealing, PVC roller shutter door welding, PVC door mat welding, PVC sprayed floor mat embossing, PVC tent welding, screen heat sealing, PVC projection cloth welding, industrial belt welding, industrial belt skirt welding and other plastic welding, such as automobile interior trim, cushion, sun visor, door panel, leather cushion, The door guard and the sun visor are welded and cut off, and the design and construction are especially focused on meeting the needs of customers.

The automatic high frequency machine is applicable to the processing of PVC mixed materials such as leather materials, cotton cloth, etc. in the clothing processing industry. Leather, cloth, footwear products, raincoats, trademarks, sails, umbrellas, leather bags, uppers, handbags, soles, welding and cutting, famous brands, various fabrics, embossing of leather products, such as: leather embossing, artificial leather embossing, fleece embossing, PVC leather embossing, badges, hot embossing of shoes and hats, clothing embossing, leather embossing, hat embossing, silikan embossing, concave convex embossing and other embossing machines and equipment.

What is explained above is the technological elements and industrial applications of High Frequency Wave. I hope it will help you after reading it. If you want to know more about High Frequency Wave, you are welcome to consult customer service online or call our service hotline. We will provide you with quality service wholeheartedly!


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