Structure and principle of blister packaging machine

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Structure and principle of blister packaging machine:

The blister packaging machine is composed of feeding, stretching, upper and lower electric furnaces, lower gates, multifunctional adjustable sizes, lower templates, upper molds, upper gates, knife gates, slicing, slicing and vacuum devices. The pneumatic device is the main power source, and its pull pieces and feed in parts adopt electric, reducer, time relay, intermediate relay, travel switch and other electrical appliances to form a fully automatic control system. The control system of blister packaging machine is required to ensure convenient operation, high precision of mechanical action and temperature control, short production time and save mechanical power consumption as much as possible under the same production conditions.

Blister packaging machine uses far infrared radiation to directly heat films of various specifications. The product is transported to the shrinking furnace through the conveyor belt. The product is provided with shrink wrap film. After sealing, they enter the blister packaging machine. The product will shrink automatically. The heat shrinkable packaging machine consumes less power, and the power consumption per hour is only 2.1 kilowatts, which can achieve the perfect shrink packaging effect without affecting the packaging materials. Electronic stepless speed change, solid state voltage regulator temperature control, stable and reliable, suitable for food, beverages, candy, stationery, hardware tools, daily necessities, chemical products and other shrink packaging.


Blister packaging machine is a plastic processing technology. The main principle is to heat and soften the flat plastic hard sheet, then use vacuum adsorption on the surface of the mold, cool and shape it. It is widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising, decoration and other industries. The main advantages of blister packaging are: saving raw and auxiliary materials, light weight, convenient transportation, good sealing, and meeting the requirements of environmental protection and green packaging. Any special-shaped products can be packed without additional cushioning materials; The packaged products are transparent and visible, beautiful in appearance, convenient for sales, suitable for mechanized and automatic packaging, convenient for modern management, labor saving and efficiency improvement.

Blister packaging can accurately complete all operations of preheating, welding and cooling, and can conduct electromagnetic counting. The oscillation current stops setting, and the output power can be set through an easily adjustable synchronizer. Set the required oscillating current according to the product size and thickness to control the welding degree and ensure the uniformity of product welding quality. Safety protection: equipped with over-voltage and over-current protection devices, which can automatically cut off the high voltage and protect the oscillating tube and rectifier in case of abnormal operation. At the same time, the frequency drift caused by improper operation can be avoided, and the circulation rate is stable. According to the regulations of the International Commission on Radio Interference (CISPR), the industrial frequency band of 27.12/40.68 MHz is adopted, and a cycle stabilizer and a cycle leakage suppressor with small interference to external equipment are designed. Suitable for packaging locks, toys, cosmetics, electronic products, etc.

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