Main configuration and structure composition of high frequency

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The TPU and PETG plastic films processed by the high cycle fuse machine are penetrated by electromagnetic waves between the upper and lower electrodes of the high cycle to make the plastics rub against each other and generate heat, resulting in molecular polarization. The fusion effect can be achieved by combining the high cycle mold with a certain pressure. After the fusion is completed, the pressurized automatic start will cut off the excess waste of the product to achieve one-time fusion+cutting effect. The following section introduces the main configuration and structure of the high cycle fuse. Welcome to read it!

Main configuration of high cycle fuse:

1. Spark tube: Due to excessive current, uneven mold or material impurities, 5557 thyratron is selected to cooperate with the Meizhidian high sensitive circuit board system, which can effectively protect high-frequency mold combustion.

2. Electronic tube: 7T69RB or E3069RB electronic tube is selected, and Japanese electronic tube can be used according to customer requirements; The core components of electronic tubes have the advantages of stable and reliable performance, high efficiency, low failure, energy saving and safety, and long service life.

3. Transformer: pure copper waterproof dry-type transformer with reliable performance and fault bottom is selected to ensure stable output current of equipment.

4. Vibration barrel: independently developed high-frequency machine vibration barrel with stable frequency, strong output force and reliable performance; Different high-frequency barrels are designed according to different products. Different models and different powers.

5. Booster cylinder: The booster cylinder system is adopted, and the booster stroke can be controlled according to the size of the workbench.


Structural composition of high cycle fuse:

1. The high cycle fuse has two slide positions. The operator only needs to put the product in the previous button, and the machine head will automatically drop and heat Raise, slide out, complete all simple operation processes, and staff can use the machine without special training.

2. Output power regulation: using a unique low loss coaxial oscillator, the strength of the output force can be adjusted according to the size and thickness of the mold rubber, so that there will be no interference with telecommunications operations, the output force can be adjusted at any time when the output force is small.

3. Protection device and current limiting protection: when the output force is adjusted too large, the high cycle output will be cut off, so the electronic tubes in the machine will not be damaged due to excessive current.

4. The high sub tube self-excited oscillator generates the quotient frequency electromagnetic field at high frequency, which makes the internal molecules of the processed plastic generate distance force motion friction in the high frequency electric field between the upper and lower electrodes, thus generating the electronic tube self-excited oscillator generates the quotient frequency electromagnetic field at high frequency, thus generating distance force motion friction.

Thanks for reading. The above is an introduction to the main configuration and structure of the high frequency fuse. Some of the contents are from the network and are for reference only. If you want to know more about the high frequency fuse, please call us for more information.


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