Which heating methods will affect the blistering effect? Why is blister packaging machine not heated?

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Blister packaging machine is a machine that absorbs thermoplastic coiled materials such as heated and plasticized PVC and PE into high-grade packaging decorative boxes, frames and other products of various shapes. Which heating methods will affect the blistering effect in daily use? What are the reasons for the non heating of blister packaging machine?

1、 How does the heating affect the blistering effect?

1. In the traditional blistering process, the back side heating method is used to heat the heating plate. The back side heating of the paper card transfers the heat to the surface of the blister oil and the blister cover to complete the blistering process. The blister temperature is relatively constant and cannot be adjusted quickly; The heat transfer is greatly affected by the paper thickness. The thicker the paper, the harder it is to transfer it to the blister cover quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to give sufficient blister pressing time to fully transfer heat to the blister cover to ensure the blister effect.

2. The heating plate type blister machine heats the heat to the surface of the blister oil to complete the blistering process, and the blistering temperature can be quickly adjusted; As the heating piece directly contacts the blister cover, when the temperature is too high, the blister cover is easy to be deformed by heat, and the heat is difficult to transfer to the surface of the blister oil; The thinner the blister cover, the easier the heat transfer, but the easier the deformation. In order to ensure a good blister effect, a blister cover with appropriate thickness must be selected, and the blister temperature and fusion time must be adjusted.

3. High frequency internal heating, using high-frequency electric field to make the molecules inside the blister cover and the blister oil vibrate to generate heat energy, complete the blistering process, and quickly adjust the temperature. The heat transfer of this heating mode is relatively stable, and the corresponding temperature can be adjusted at will according to the nature of the material. However, due to the large current generated in the instant of fusion, it is easy to generate sparks, which is not suitable for the plastic molding of silver card products.


2、 What causes the blister packaging machine not to heat?

The machine does not start: the input line is blocked, the power line reverses, and the voltage is insufficient.

Inaccurate temperature measurement: thermocouple and temperature controller. Whether it is installed incorrectly or damaged.

The working vacuum does not come up: the air circuit is blocked, the hand valve or solenoid valve is not closed, the vacuum pump motor belt is loose, and the vacuum gauge is damaged.

The main power switch trips: the input wire at the top of the heating box leaks electricity, the distribution box leaks electricity, the external wire matches the equipment, and the motor leaks electricity.

Inadequate film absorption: the vacuum is not enough, the air leaks, the temperature is not enough, the film is too thin, the workpiece has been pasted with other materials, the depth of the workpiece exceeds the lifting of the film, the film absorption time is too short, the film does not lift, and the workpiece is too close.

The surface of the covered workpiece is folded and unsmooth or cannot be wrapped at corners: the film is not straightened, the film quality is poor, the workpiece is not polished well, the glue is sprayed too much, and the template under the workpiece is too low.

When the coating is not reached, the film is pulled down: whether the solenoid valve or hand valve is open.

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