Precautions for daily operation of ultrasonic machine

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Objectively speaking, there is no difference between ultrasound and audible sound except the frequency range. However, ultrasound has some characteristics due to its high frequency, which can be used, which is why people study the rule of ultrasound. Next, we will introduce the precautions for daily operation of ultrasound machine!

1. Power supply: use the power supply and power cord that meet the equipment specifications. The power circuit of the user must be equipped with an air switch specially used for the ultrasonic cleaner, so as to cut off the power supply of the ultrasonic cleaner when necessary. The power specifications of the ultrasonic machine are as follows:

① Two phase voltage 220 ± 10VAC50/60HZ, single-phase 5~15A three round pin plug, including grounding wire;

② Three phase voltage 380 ± 10V50HZ, three-phase four wire direct connection mode, five core double insulated cable, including grounding wire

③ The diameter of the power cord provided by the user must be equal to or greater than the wire diameter of the cleaning machine;

2. Grounding wire: the ultrasonic body and ultrasonic generator will be equipped with special grounding wire on their power leads, which is obviously different from other wires, because the equipment is easy to cause electric leakage due to its contact with water and corrosive (soluble) liquid level. Please connect the grounding wire according to the safety requirements;

3. Non combustible detergent shall be used for ultrasonic equipment, and flammable and explosive substances shall not be used as detergent. The use of ultrasonic equipment must be far away from flammable and explosive substances. When users must use certain substances under special circumstances, they must consult our company to confirm the safety and take corresponding safety protection measures.

4. No liquid or insufficient liquid level in the ultrasonic cleaning tank will cause irreversible damage to the ultrasonic equipment. During use, it must be ensured that sufficient cleaning fluid is injected into the tank, otherwise the relevant electric heater, pump and ultrasonic vibrator may be damaged, and may cause over fire and personal injury.

5. Pay attention not to splash water on the electrical control box and related electrical components, and keep away from steam, corrosive gas, dust, etc.

6. If the ultrasonic equipment is abnormal, please contact our company in time or have it checked by an experienced professional electrician after power failure;

7. Workpieces requiring ultrasonic cleaning shall be installed on the washing basket or hanger with feet and put into the tank for cleaning. It is forbidden to put the workpiece directly into the tank bottom for ultrasonic cleaning, otherwise the workpiece and cylinder bottom may be damaged.

8. During the operation of ultrasonic equipment, there may be high temperature, high voltage, electrification on the terminal surface of electrical components, movement of transmission mechanism, sudden pressure and other factors that may cause personal injury to the ultrasonic body. Do not open the enclosure during operation to avoid working under unprotected conditions;

9. When the ultrasonic equipment is not used for a long time, please discharge the washing liquid, dry the inner tank and surface, and protect them with film to prevent the equipment from corrosion and aging


Failure and abnormal causes of ultrasonic machine and handling methods;

1. There is no power supply for ultrasonic examination and no safety tube, which shall be treated according to Article 6 and 7.

2. Without electric heating, check the power supply, set the temperature controller at the normal position, check the relevant water level switch, and check whether the electric heater is invalid; Replace the faulty parts;

3. The shell has poor insulation of the heating element or the circuit of other components is connected to the shell. Replace the poor insulation element and the grounding wire;

4. The sound is abnormal, and the ultrasonic cleaning effect is reduced. The ultrasonic generator or ultrasonic sensor is abnormal. Check the insulation resistance at both ends of the sensor lead, remove the sensor guard board, and check whether there is any abnormality

5. The transducer of the whistling part can not adapt to the changes of the cylinder body, water level and water temperature. The water level can be changed, and the action of the workpiece when entering and exiting the water surface cannot be too large;

6. The fuse tube is burnt out, and there is no blackening in the glass tube. Check the power supply voltage, which may be caused by excessive power supply voltage or transient load change. Replace the fuse tube with the same specification or a slightly larger one;

7. The fuse tube is burnt, the black over-current in the glass tube, and the internal power tube or circuit may be short circuited. Please contact our after-sales service department

The above explanation is about the daily operation precautions of the ultrasonic machine. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about the ultrasonic machine, please click our website to browse!


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