Advantages and application range of high frequency plastic welding machine

Date:2022-10-19 Reading:

Working principle of high frequency plastic welding machine High frequency medium heating technology is applied in the field of plastic packaging. One kind of equipment is to generate a high-frequency electric field by using an electronic self-excited oscillator. This high-frequency electric field is applied to the electrode. Under the effect of the high-frequency electric field, the plastic's molecular structure produces polarization and generates heat itself. Under the effect of pressure, it can achieve hot melting, Next, we will introduce the advantages and applications of the high frequency plastic welding machine! Welcome to read!

(1) Advantages of the machine: High frequency plastic welding machine generally uses plastic to plastic welding, plastic to paper card, or welding with paper card to paper card; Generally, the surface of the welded paper card is coated with PVC or APET, PETG glue when printing, and under the action of high frequency, the molecular flow permeates the welding as a whole. The high cycle plastic welding machine is the preferred equipment for plastic heat sealing. Its welding temperature gauge is uniform, the surface is smooth and clean, and the appearance is beautiful. It solves the problems such as deformation and blistering caused by simple hot pressing. The anti electromagnetic radiation interference shielding system adopted by Shenghao Machinery's high cycle electromagnetic wave greatly reduces the intensity of direct radiation of high cycle electromagnetic wave to human body.

High cycle heating device can be installed according to the characteristics of plastic products for heat sealing welding, which can be used to heat both upper and lower molds. The corresponding temperature can be adjusted at will according to the nature of materials, mainly for mold surface heating. The over-current protection system of Shenghao Machinery is mainly used to protect the unnecessary electronic tubes from burning due to excessive current. The latest American anti ignition device system mainly uses NL5557 highly sensitive spark device, which can instantaneously protect the high-frequency mold from burning due to excessive current.

(2) Main scope of application.

High frequency is mainly applicable to pure PVC, TPU, EVA or plastic and sheet materials with more than 10% of any PVC content, cardboard coating, soft and hard plastics, plastics, artificial leather, clothing fabrics, etc., heat sealing, welding, packaging.


(3) Main applicable industries:

Applicable industries such as high cycle plastic welding machine and high cycle welding machine include:

Toy industry: gift bags, basketball embossing, thin, photos, business card inner pages, high-frequency welding, mouse pads, mirror box welding embossing, etc;

Leather and leather goods and luggage industry: welding, embossing, heat sealing, melting, towel and luggage embossing of leather, leather goods and leather;

Door cushion and foot cushion carpet industry: PVC door cushion embossing, door cushion welding, plastic door cushion embossing, carpet embossing, floor cushion welding, foot cushion embossing, seat cushion embossing, S type foot cushion welding, electric foot cushion embossing, foot cushion welding, locomotive cushion welding, cushion welding, etc;

Interior products industry: automobile steering wheel cover, anti lattice heat sealing, reflective sticker heat sealing, reflective film heat sealing, automobile cushion, seat cushion, foot pad welding, backrest, embossing, etc;

Electric welding heat sealing industry: life jacket, drifting boat, drifting boat, floating raft, curtain, shower curtain, inflatable pool, swimming pool, health mattress, jade mattress, inflatable mattress, air blowing sofa, wire harness, water bag, etc!

The heat sealing welding seals processed include: blister shell sealing, PVC plastic blister shell welding, PVC plastic blister shell welding, battery packaging sealing, hardware tool sealing, PETG blister shell sealing, blister cardboard sealing, U disk packaging sealing, PVC blister cover sealing, adhesive strip packaging, PVC blister cover welding, high cycle plastic welding, high cycle plastic welding, high cycle plastic welding, high cycle plastic welding, high cycle plastic welding, high cycle plastic high cycle welding, etc.

The above explanation is about the advantages and uses of the high frequency plastic welding machine. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about the high frequency plastic welding machine, please click our website to browse!


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