Principle, Characteristics and Application of Dongguan Automatic High Frequency Wave Machine

Date:2022-10-19 Reading:

The working principle of the automatic high cycle wave machine is that the dielectric materials will produce molecular polarization under the action of the high-frequency electric field, and will be arranged according to the direction of the electric field. Because of the high-frequency electric field, the direction will be changed at an extremely fast speed, and the dielectric materials will be heated due to the dielectric loss.

The automatic high frequency machine is pneumatically controlled, and the operation is very simple and convenient; Welding and cutting are perfect and fast, with high efficiency and good process; Suitable for welding and cutting of large inflatable toys, car mats, sporting goods and other products. The automatic high frequency machine uses the electromagnetic field generated by the high-voltage rectifier self-excited electron tube oscillation to change the plastic molecules. Under the action of the external pressure and the mold, it can achieve the effects of welding, cutting, sealing, embedding, etc; The automatic high frequency machine is easy to understand and learn. Its efficiency is multiple times that of ordinary small machines. It is very suitable for welding and cutting large plastic products. The process is simpler and the effect is more perfect.


The automatic high frequency machine is suitable for heat sealing and sealing packaging of pure PVC, TPU, EVA or any soft and hard plastic, plastic, artificial leather and clothing fabrics containing 10% PVC. The automatic high frequency machine can also be used for: various PVC TPU based plastic welding, welding, bronzing, etc. Plastic blister packaging (including upper and lower double blister heat sealing edge cutting, blister and cardboard heat sealing edge cutting, etc.), sticker, plastic cover, blowing toy, car interior trim, cushion, trademark, stationery, footwear products, sails, umbrellas, raincoats, leather bags, nameplates, water beds, sun visors, door panels, portable soft bags and other heat sealing processes, pattern patterns, letters and characters of various concave convex switches. The automatic high frequency machine is mainly used in the medical supplies industry, plastics, inflatable toys industry, household products industry, plastic packaging industry, clothing embossing processing industry, automotive interior decoration industry and various plastic products processing.


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