Solution to No Vacuum Value of Blister Packaging Machine

Date:2022-10-19 Reading:

Solution to no vacuum value of blister packaging machine:

Blister packaging machine, also known as thermoplastic molding machine, is a machine that can heat PVC, PE and other thermoplastic rolls into high-grade packaging decorative boxes, frames and other products of various shapes. It mainly uses PVC, PET and other materials softened by vacuum suction generated by vacuum pump for packaging. It is divided into daily necessities blister packaging, hardware blister packaging, etc. How to solve the problem of vacuum degree of blister packaging machine?

1、 The air path of the plastic suction machine is not smooth; Make the air passage of the blister packaging machine smooth.

2、 The solenoid valve is open; The solenoid valve used to close the blister packaging machine.


3、 The belt of vacuum pump motor of blister packaging machine is not tight, and it is separated from the original position; If the vacuum value of the vacuum pump motor belt of the plastic suction machine is still not available after the belt is fastened by return, replace it with a new belt.

4、 The vacuum gauge is damaged and cannot be used; Replace the blister packaging machine with an extreme vacuum gauge as soon as possible.

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