Why does the high frequency machine always trip?

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Why does the high frequency machine always trip?

High cycle machine is the first choice of heat sealing equipment for major manufacturers because of its simple operation and wide application. However, when using the high frequency machine, there are always many problems. For example, if the high frequency machine suddenly trips, it may be OK to do it twice, but it will be very upset if it is used many times. So next, we will analyze the cause of the tripping of the high frequency machine together.

First, the power leakage of the high frequency machine will also cause tripping. First, check whether the heating tube and temperature regulator have power leakage, and replace them if any. Use a multimeter to measure whether the fan is leaking. If there is leakage, replace the fan.

Second, the leakage switch will trip if it is broken, which is a relatively easy problem. So check this question first. Check whether the main door power supply falls off or lacks phase.

Third, the green resistor is burnt out due to electrical resistance breakdown and can only be replaced. There is only a small black spot when the resistance of the high cycle machine is burnt out. Pay attention to the possibility of damage, which is easy to see.


Fourth, leakage switch with too small amperage will trip. 5KW leakage switch is below 32A, 8KW leakage switch is below 63A, which is easy to break. This suitable ampere leakage switch is recommended.

Fifthly, the aging of electronic tubes leads to internal short circuits. It's hard to judge. If there are many high frequency machines, try to remove another tube and replace it.

Sixth, burn the transformer. Generally, the probability of HV transformer burning out is high, and the problem of filament transformer is few. High voltage transformers are large transformers. If the transformer is broken, it must be replaced.

So today's explanation will come to an end. That's all for today. I believe you have a certain understanding of the cause of the trip of the high frequency machine. Thank you very much for your patience. If you want to know more about the high frequency machine, you can call the service hotline at the top right corner to consult us.


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