Do you know the common sense about high frequency fuse?

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Principle of high cycle fuse:

High frequency electromagnetic field is generated by electronic tube self-excited oscillator in high frequency fuse. The processed object is pressed between the upper and lower motors of the high-frequency electromagnetic field, and the medium materials are arranged in the direction of the electric field under the action of the high-frequency electric field. The high-frequency electric field changes the direction at an extremely fast speed, and the internal molecules of the medium materials are intensified. The high-speed movement friction generates heat by itself, which is welded or embossed under the pressure of the mold.

Structure of high cycle fuse:

1. There are two slide positions for the high frequency fuse. The operator only needs to put in the product, press the slide forward button, the machine head automatically drops, heats, rises, and the slide exits, completing all simple operation processes. The staff can use the machine without special training.

2. Comparison of output force: The unique low loss coaxial vibrator can be used to compare the strength of output force according to the size of the mold and the thickness of the rubber at any time. The operation will not interfere with the telecommunications. The comparison of output force can also be matched with the time system. The larger force can fuse the product in a short time to improve the output.

3. Protection device: current limiting protection: when the output force is too large, cut off the high cycle output to protect the electronic tubes in the machine from damage due to excessive current.

4. The high cycle fuse machine has an overall vibration frequency of 27.12MHz, 40.78MHz, which complies with the international industrial bandwidth standard. The high frequency electromagnetic field is generated by the automatic vibrator of the electronic tube, and the high frequency electric field between the upper and lower electrodes of the plastic is processed. The internal molecules generate distance force motion friction, which produces melting purpose under the mold pressure.


Performance of high cycle fuse:

1. The highly sensitive spark protection device can effectively protect the mold and product defects, greatly reduce the probability of mold burning, ensure the long-term frequency operation of machinery, greatly extend the mechanical life, and reduce mechanical failures.

2. The current regulation of the high cycle fuse uses stepless electrode regulation, which is easy to learn.

3. High frequency stabilizer and high frequency shielding device can greatly reduce high frequency interference.

4. The automatic over-current protection system increases the service life of the vacuum tube and protects the mold.

5. Imported blower, with stronger and more stable wind, and longer service life of vacuum tube.

So that's all for today's explanation. I believe you have a certain understanding of the common sense of high frequency fuse. Thank you very much for your patience. If you want to know more about the high frequency fuse, you can call the service hotline at the top left corner to consult us.


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