Do you know how to operate the high frequency machine?

Date:2022-10-19 Reading:

Today we will explain the operation method of the high frequency machine together.

Operation method of high cycle wave machine:

1、 First turn on the main three-phase power switch, and then turn on the power switch on the control box at the machine side. If there is a high cycle switch, it will not be turned on temporarily, and then turn on the electric heating power switch. At this time, both the vacuum tube and the hot mold begin to warm up.

2、 Install the upper mold at the upper end of the lower mold, press the mold test switch, and start to adjust the joint position of the upper mold and the lower mold. If the joint of the lower mold is not good, move the lower mold. If the level is not appropriate, adjust the four columns of the upper mold.

3、 After the mold of the high cycle machine is adjusted, adjust three time controllers (if it is a pedal type machine, only the high cycle welding time), the falling time is the time when the upper mold presses the lower mold, and the welding time is the output time, the cooling time and the curing time. The above three times need to be flexibly applied, and there is no fixed value.


4、 When the mold of the high cycle wave machine is adjusted for the first time, the adjustment interval must be adjusted to a wider position.

5、 When the above operation lasts for more than 10-15 minutes and the temperature reaches the required value, turn on the high cycle switch and start the operation test.

6、 During the test, if the effect is not ideal, please slowly add the same regulator and injection screen flowmeter (different models have different values, please refer to the manual). Check the product. If it is not ideal, add or reduce the same regulator before meeting the requirements.

7、 The effect of the product is determined by the following four aspects:

1. Temperature

2. Coherent power output

3. Pressure

4. Output high cycle time.

Please adjust the above four aspects flexibly.

So today's explanation will come to an end. I believe you have a certain understanding of the operation method of the high frequency machine. Thank you very much for your patience.


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