Reasonable structure of automatic high cycle wave machine

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Reasonable structure of automatic high cycle wave machine:

The automatic high cycle machine is a forward and backward rotating structure, which can only require one actual operation. When one process is used for manual service to take down goods and place raw materials, another process happens to be welded by electric welding. In this way, it turns in and out of a cycle system for actual operation, so that the manual service and equipment can ensure effective application. We should save human resources. The automatic high frequency machine is equipped with automatic overcurrent protection system software. When the high-frequency electromechanical flow load exceeds the limit value, the automatic high frequency machine automatically disconnects the high frequency machine. The maintenance of the shock tube of the electronic components of the high frequency machine can prevent the frequency drift of the high frequency machine caused by improper practical operation, so that the damage of the high frequency mold and raw materials can be reduced.

The automatic high frequency machine uses the high Q value electronic device oscillator, and the international industry standard 27.12MHz high-frequency machine frequency stock band. The load rate is large and more stable, and the output rate is super strong, which can greatly reduce the splicing time of the high-frequency machine, and improve the product quality and production. The automatic high frequency wave machine is equipped with oscillating current regulation machinery and equipment, and the power size is adjusted by the same tuner. The adjustment is simple and convenient. It can set the required high frequency current amount according to the size of the commodity and the thickness of its raw materials, manipulate the level of high-frequency machine fusion, and ensure the uniformity and elegance of the product fusion quality.

The automatic high frequency machine can be equipped with NL5557 highly sensitive flame protection device. For thin and high-precision goods, it can accurately detect the unbalanced electric flow when causing a flame. When the electric flow rises when causing a flame, it can quickly disconnect the vibration control loop to suppress the flame in a moment, so that the hazards of grinding tools, commodity raw materials and commodities can be reduced to a low level. For thick raw materials, it generally does not need to be modified, and it is applicable to general flame maintenance system software. The automatic high frequency machine is applicable to plastic blister packaging plants for daily necessities, electronic equipment, MP3, MP4, MP5 plastic blister packaging plants, soft toothbrush plastic blister packaging plants, toy plastic blister packaging plants, gift plastic blister packaging plants, metal tool plastic blister packaging plants, rechargeable battery plastic blister packaging plants, U disk plastic blister packaging plants and other plastic blister card packaging plants, as well as PVC plastic fusion, PVC production and processing.


There are two linear module positions of the automatic high frequency machine. The operator only needs to put in the goods, press the forward button for lowering the platform, the engine automatically lowers, heats up and raises, and the linear module withdraws. All the simple operation procedures are carried out. The staff can use the machine without much learning and training; Adjustment of output force: The coaxial output oscillator with low damage, unique to Lijin Group, can be used to adjust the output force at any time and anywhere due to the size of the abrasive and the thickness of the plastic particles, so that the actual operation of the high-frequency heat sealing machine will not be made into communication equipment, which is not comparable to other brands. The adjustment of the load rate can also be matched with the time system, and the load rate can melt the goods in a short period of time to increase the total output; Protection equipment: over-current protection maintenance: when the output force is too large, the high cycle output will be disconnected, so the rectifier tube in the maintenance machine will not be damaged due to excessive electrical flow.

What is explained above is the rational structure of the automatic high frequency machine. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading it. If you want to know more about the automatic high frequency machine, you are welcome to consult customer service online or call our service hotline (at the top right corner of the website). We will provide you with quality service wholeheartedly!


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