How to debug the mold of ultrasonic welding machine?

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How to debug the mold of ultrasonic welding machine?

Connect the working standard air pressure of the ultrasonic welding machine, and make sure that all the pressure gauges of the machine and equipment work normally. Remove the original electric welding abrasives on the ultrasonic welding machine with a special type of abrasive wrench, install the ultrasonic mold on the shelf (note: it is loose clockwise), and ensure that the abrasives have been tightened.

Connect the switching power supply of the ultrasonic welding machine, turn on the main power switch, wait for 5 seconds, and then turn off the main power switch. Press the sound wave detection button on the actual operation control panel, pay attention to the ultrasonic wave from the ultrasonic welding machine, which is crisp, no hoarse, no unnecessary noise. If the sound is hoarse or barking, immediately loosen the sound wave detection button, check whether the ultrasonic mold is loose or cracked, and take preventive measures.

Loosen the screwed door handles (one at the top and one at the bottom) at the rear of the sound card rack, shake the door handles of the engine lift, and raise the welding head to a certain height to width ratio (depending on the height to width ratio of the commodity). Turn off the standard air pressure (use the standard air pressure regulating valve to adjust the standard air pressure to "0"). Place the bottom mold on the actual operating bottom plate, and place the injection molding products on the opposite part of the bottom mold to ensure that the left and right plastic parts can lock the mold (_ matching the left and right, no significant displacement).


Pull the electric welding lower mold off and close to the bottom mold, shake the door handle of the engine lift to make the upper press mold fit onto the injection molding product, and make sure that the product is not significantly displaced. Turn the functional power switch on the operation panel to manual mode, adjust the standard air pressure regulating valve, increase the standard air pressure to 0.1 mpa, and press the emerald green start button to lower and press the commodity. Shake the elevator door handle so that the spacing between the limit switch screw and the vibration cylinder is about 10m (it can be adjusted appropriately according to the welding products).

Tighten the rack and tighten the handle, and fix the bottom mold. Press and hold the bright red emergency stop switch to raise the engine. Turn the action switch to full automatic, set the main welding parameters of the ultrasonic welding machine and prepare for production in advance.

What is explained above is the mold debugging steps of the ultrasonic welding machine. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading it. If you want to know more about the ultrasonic welding machine, you are welcome to consult the customer service online or call our service hotline (at the top right corner of the website). We will provide you with quality service wholeheartedly!


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