What are the common faults of high cycle fuse?

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For the staff who actually operate the high cycle fuse, it is necessary to master the common problems of the equipment and understand and solve them. The key of high cycle fuse is composed of sound card rack and control box, which is very easy to cause common faults; The control box is composed of high voltage components and controls, while the control system has very low maintenance probability. The high voltage cost of key common faults is also a part of key household appliances of machinery and equipment; Learn and train some simple ways to distinguish common faults, so that your maintenance is more convenient.

Common high voltage faults of high cycle fuse:

1. Common fault of rectifier tube Common grid fault and common anode oxidation fault of rectifier tube are common. Common grid fault: no current output or over-current protection when the current reaches 0.2A; In that case, check the grid resistor and grid capacitor. Common faults of anodizing: rectifier tube is not lit or the current is difficult to be large; Under such conditions, it can accurately measure whether the working voltage of tungsten wire is normal and whether there is resistance value on both sides of anodizing. Use a multimeter to check whether the anodizing is on or off with the grid or between the anode and the cathode.

2. Common faults of high cycle fuse rectifier The key condition is that the electric flow is difficult to be large, causing the switch to trip. Accurately measure whether the rectifier is switched on side by side. If it is disconnected, replace it with a new diode.


3. The common fault condition of shock drum of high cycle fuse is ignition or full-automatic maintenance in the drum. The key reason is that there is too much dust or there are metal materials and other articles in the drum. Air blowing can be used to clean the drum. The probability of burning the shock drum is very low.

4. The common fault current of high frequency fuse transformer is difficult to trip the main switch power supply, and the repair rate of transformer is very low. In case of transformer burning, only replace the transformer with a new one.

5. The common faults of capacitor of high frequency fuse are very common. In case of common faults of capacitor, the key capacitor is ignited or the current meter will return in a moment, and the capacitor on the equipment can be removed. In case of common faults, the human eye can distinguish it. If the capacitor is burnt black or cracked, it is bad. Replace the capacitor with a new one.

The above explanation is about the common faults of the high frequency fuse. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about the high frequency fuse, you are welcome to consult the customer service online or call our service hotline (at the top right corner of the website). We will provide you with quality service wholeheartedly!


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