Which parts are indispensable to the operation of blister packaging machine?

Date:2022-10-19 Reading:

Blister packaging machine equipment is applied in various fields, such as plastic products, or fabric printing of some clothing, or auxiliary processing of parts of some products. Therefore, there are many types of equipment. Nowadays, one of the more used equipment is the plastic packaging machine used in the plastic manufacturing industry. So many people will be curious about the blister packaging machine. What parts are keeping it running normally? In fact, the principle is not complicated, mainly through the output protector and output system to ensure normal operation.

1. Output protector of blister packaging machine:

Output maintenance of blister packaging machine: when the output force is adjusted too large, the high cycle output will be cut off. The rectifier tube of the housing can be maintained, and will not be damaged due to excessive electric flow.

Flame maintenance of blister packaging machine: in the whole process of work, if the abrasive tool causes a fire jump, the protective equipment will be cut off, and the abrasive tool will also rise automatically, so that the abrasive tool will not be damaged due to fire jump.

Temperature control: In addition to the temperature rise of the equipment itself, the motor also has a 2000W heating plate, and the temperature controller enables the heating of the grinding tool to speed up the welding time, but there may be problems. At this time, the output protector can maintain the output temperature of the equipment.

Load adjustment: The special low hazard coaxial output oscillator can be used to adjust the output force at any time due to the specification of the abrasive tool and the thickness of the plastic particles.

During the operation process, communication equipment is not required, and the load adjustment can also be coordinated with the time system, so that the product can be dissolved in a short time and the total output value can be increased.


2. Output system of blister packaging machine:

The output power installation project is strong. The frequency caused by the local oscillator is 27.12MHZ or 40.68MHZ, which conforms to the national industrial production stock band standard, and can quickly fuse works of art and increase output.

Rising interval: a three position automobile relay is set inside, which can be used in coordination with the time system. The rising interval of the cylinder can be adjusted at will, so as to reduce the time required for cylinder announcement and recovery, and improve the production and processing speed.

What is explained above is the parts that are indispensable for the operation of the blister packaging machine. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading it. If you want to know more about the blister packaging machine, you are welcome to consult customer service online or call our service hotline. We will provide you with quality service wholeheartedly!


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