Novel Appearance Design of Blister Packaging Machine

Date:2022-10-19 Reading:

Blister packaging machine is a plastic processing technology. The key basic principle is to heat the flat plastic sheet and soften it, then select a vacuum pump on the surface of the abrasive tool, and form it after refrigeration. It is widely used in plastic packaging products, lighting, advertising, decorative design and other manufacturing industries. The key advantages of blister packaging are: saving raw material procurement, light weight, convenient transportation, good airtightness, and compliance with environmental protection and green environmental protection regulations. All special-shaped goods can be packaged without additional cache raw materials; It can be seen that the packaged goods are completely transparent. The appearance design is beautiful and generous, which is conducive to market sales. It is suitable for mechanical automation and automatic technology packaging, which is conducive to modern management, saving human capital and improving work efficiency.

The blister packaging machine adopts single pulse heating and temperature control heating. The heat sealing posture is fully automatic, and the manual wheel disc is simple in practical operation, mold removal and replacement, and convenient in maintenance. The actual operation of the blister packaging machine only needs to select the heating and cooling time and output power output, rotate the console with force, turn on the toggle switch, and the single pulse heating system software and refrigeration system in the equipment will start automatically. It is suitable for stationery packaging, electronic equipment packaging, MP3, MP4, MP5 blister packaging factory, soft bristle toothbrush packaging, floss stick packaging, small toy packaging, gift box packaging, hardware packaging, u-disk packaging and other plastic paper card packaging, as well as polyethylene copper wire plastic box forming, plastic welding, polyethylene production and processing and other main purposes.


The appearance design of the blister packaging machine is novel, and the height width ratio of the head is adjustable. The lift is promoted by cylinder, and the working pressure is stable. The programmable controller time automatic control system is selected for the power circuit. The main time parameters are preset, which can accurately carry out all practical operations such as heating, welding, cooling, etc., and can complete electromagnetic induction counting. The power of the blister packaging machine can be adjusted according to a synchronizer that is very easy to adjust, and the required oscillating current can be set according to the product specification and thickness to control the welding level and ensure the uniformity of the welding quality of the product. The blister packaging machine is equipped with a highly sensitive flame suppression power circuit, which can check the unbalanced electric flow causing the flame at any time and anywhere, and cut off the resonant circuit at the moment of causing the flame to suppress the flame, thereby greatly reducing the damage to abrasives, raw materials and commodities.

Plastic packaging machine selects rodless cylinder driver cutter head to cut into pieces from front to back, left to right, which is simple and vibration free. The lower die is electrically adjusted at the same time. Automatic temperature control system of blister packaging machine: far-infrared porcelain hot bricks, independent automatic switch, uniform temperature control, embedded thermal insulation materials, reduce the heat damage at least, environmental protection and energy saving are obvious, and 40% of the electricity is saved than ordinary equipment. The material transmission device adopts the Japanese servo motor and frequency converter principle to carry out the electrical control system for the pulling piece, with large output power and accurate pulling length (accurate to 3mm). Combined with needle chain drive, high-speed operation can still ensure its accuracy and reliability. It is equipped with an adjustable overall width device to reduce the overall width of the iron clip to a low level, so that the blister packaging can maximize the use of plastic film, reduce consumption, and integrate into the production process of different raw materials.

What is explained above is the novelty of the appearance design of the blister packaging machine. I hope it will help you after reading it. If you want to know more about the blister packaging machine, you are welcome to consult customer service online or call our service hotline. We will do our best to provide you with quality service!


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