Which industries are high cycle fuses suitable for?

Date:2022-10-19 Reading:

With the development of the high frequency fuse machine industry, the technical level of the high frequency fuse machine has also been improved. Now, what industry will use the high frequency fuse machine? The high frequency electrostatic field is used by the high frequency electromagnetic wave machine to vibrate the molecular structure inside the plastic and cause energy to carry out welding of various products. The electromagnetic induction electrostatic field caused by the self-excited rectifier tube of the high voltage rectifier vibrates at a moment causes the transformation of the molecular structure of the plastic. Under the external force of the standard air pressure and the effect of the abrasive tool, the welding, disconnection, sealing, implantation and other functions are achieved; The actual operation is easy to understand and efficient. It is suitable for welding and cutting of large and medium-sized plastic products. The processing technology is simpler and the actual effect is more extreme. Therefore, high frequency fuse is increasingly widely used in various fields.

Application of high frequency fuse in the packaging industry: With the rapid development of the packaging industry, high frequency fuse is used more and more in this industry. For example, plastic suction blister shell seal, PVC plastic blister shell seal, PVC blister shell, PVC plastic blister shell, hardware tool seal, PETG plastic suction blister shell seal, plastic suction cardboard seal, U disk elevator blister packaging factory seal, computer memory strip elevator blister packaging factory seal, PVC blister cover fusion, plastic material fusion, plastic welding, plastic seal, two side blister shell seal, PVC two side blister cover seal, two side cardboard blister shell seal, cardboard blister cover seal Plastic and plastic heat sealing, paper card+plastic suction plastic melting, light industry, food, drink, candy, stationery, arts and crafts, hardware tools, daily necessities, chemicals, various packaging bags, hand warmers, portable soft bags, etc.


High frequency fuse machine is applied in the garment processing industry: high frequency drying technology is more excellent and popular in the textile product industry. The production and processing of PVC, TPU, EVA, PETG, etc. and their PVC compounds with 10% can produce subacute melting in a moment in the radio wave electrostatic field, plus a certain amount of working pressure can achieve the goal of complete melting. It can also be applied to the production and processing of PVC thermoplastic resin such as raw materials of leather products and pure cotton cloth. Cowhide, cloth towel, footwear products, poncho, trademark logo, sail, folding umbrella, bag, shoe body, hand bag, sole, disconnection, well-known brands, various fabrics, embossing of leather products such as leather products embossing, artificial leather embossing, fleece embossing, PVC leather embossing, badges, clothing shoes and hats heat sealing embossing, clothing embossing, cowhide embossing, sunshade hat embossing, silycon embossing Various embossing machines and equipment, such as convex and concave die patterns. The leather sleeve can be dissolved to disconnect various decorative patterns of convex and concave shapes, the suppression of letters and characters, etc. It can also carry out hot stamping production and processing with simple equipment.

High frequency fuse machine is applied in the automobile industry: various plastic material heat sealing welding, such as blanket embossing, soft film ceiling welding, mold structure welding, PVC canvas heat sealing, PVC roller shutter door welding, PVC door mat welding, PVC sprayed carpet embossing, PVC outdoor tent welding, screen heat sealing, PVC projection cloth welding, industrial belt welding, industrial belt skirt plate welding and other various plastic welding, such as interior trim, seat cushion, sun shield The door frame, rubber ring, door frame guard, and sun shield are disconnected by welding, especially when they are mainly designed and constructed to meet the requirements of customers. Small toys and daily necessities industry: Gao Zhoubo is widely used in the small toys and daily necessities industry, such as stationery, paper stickers, plastic covers, blow check small toys, water beds, watch chains, clocks, electronic devices, small toys, blow check small toys, cardboard hardware, gifts, CD bags, packaging bags, double eye boxes, photo albums, pictures, business cards, text documents, electronic equipment, special tools, sporting goods Rechargeable battery plastic foam shell packaging, art, lock type thermal fusion welding, etc.

The above is the industry that high frequency fuse is suitable for. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading it. If you want to know more about high frequency fuse, you are welcome to consult customer service online or call our service hotline. We will provide you with quality service wholeheartedly!


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