Forming Method and Common Mistakes of Blister Packaging Machine

Date:2022-10-19 Reading:

Blister packaging machine, also known as thermoplastic molding machine, is a machine that absorbs thermoplastic coiled materials such as heated and plasticized PVC and PE into high-grade packaging decorative boxes, frames and other products of various shapes. Now let's learn about the molding method of blister packaging machine and what are the common mistakes?

Molding method of blister packaging machine:

1. Single male mold forming. Single male molding is also called punch molding or bending molding, and vertical molding. This is a molding method that uses machinery to shape the plastic sheets softened by heating into a certain shape.

2. Single female mold forming Single female mold forming is also called female mold forming.

3. Die forming. Plastic packaging machine consists of male mold, female mold, fixture and other accessories.


Common mistakes of blister packaging machine:

1. The plastic forming film cannot be sucked. First, the vacuum negative pressure is insufficient; Second, the heating time is short or the temperature is insufficient.

2. The plastic forming film rebounds, that is, the plastic forming film will retract after the workbench exits or the workpiece is removed. The reason is that the plastic forming film has short suction time and poor glue quality. The heating time of plastic shall be appropriately extended, the heating temperature shall be increased or the glue with good quality shall be replaced.

3. When the plastic forming film is wrinkled on the workpiece plate, check whether the filter screen at the vacuum pipe interface of the vacuum workbench is blocked. Because the filter screen is blocked, the vacuum negative pressure is easy to wrinkle. In addition, when the emergency tube in the heating furnace tray is damaged, check whether the vacuum plate is blocked. The surface tension of the plastic molding film is inconsistent, which will also wrinkle.

Thank you for your patient reading. The above is an introduction to the molding method and common mistakes of the blister packaging machine. Part of the content comes from the network and is only for reference. If you want to know more about the blister packaging machine, please call for details, and we will be happy to serve you.


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