Performance characteristics and basic structure of high cycle plastic welding machine

Date:2022-10-19 Reading:

The high-power high cycle machine uses the electromagnetic field generated by the high-voltage rectifier self-excited electron tube oscillation to change the plastic molecules. Under the action of the external pressure and the mold, it can achieve the effects of welding, cutting, sealing, embedding, etc; The operation is easy to understand and learn. The efficiency is multiple times that of ordinary small machines. It is suitable for welding and cutting of large plastic products. The process is simpler and the effect is more beautiful. Today, we will introduce the performance characteristics and basic structure of the high frequency plastic welding machine. Welcome to read it!

Performance characteristics of high frequency plastic welding machine:

(1) Spark suppressor: when sparks are generated, the machine is equipped with a special electronic circuit, which can automatically cut off the high frequency suppression sparks, minimize the damage to the mold and materials, and send out a warning light.

(2) Device to avoid radio wave interference: equipped with high frequency stability and high frequency leakage magnetic suppressor to avoid radio wave leakage interfering with other electronic devices, such as TV.

(3) Safety device: When the current exceeds the limit value, the overload current relay will automatically protect the oscillating tube and rectifier. When the mechanical cooling is insufficient, the power supply can be cut off automatically to avoid accidents caused by improper operation.

(4) Special mechanical structure: through special design and special design and assembly, its strength is enough to deal with any situation, the seat will never shake, and the use of special parts is very convenient and accurate.

(5) Comodulator and special circuit easy to adjust: high cycle power output is particularly strong, which can be adjusted according to die size and material thickness. Especially special high cycle circuit has stable output and strong output rate, which can greatly reduce the necessary melting time and improve product quality and output.


Basic structure of high frequency plastic welding machine:

High frequency wave adopts single head turntable operation, and the worktable panel is divided into front and rear sides of the turntable. The operating mode is alternately used by the operator with a 180 degree rotary table. The heat sealing welding process is controlled by time, and the equipment has four time systems. High cycle mainly adopts the operating principle of cylinder driving two linear guides to pull the worktable panel, which outputs high cycle current with stable and reliable performance. The air pressure of the machine head can be adjusted at will according to the sealing and packaging requirements of the thermal welding plastics and plastic materials required. It is mainly applicable to the sealing of blister shells, plastic and plastic products by thermal welding. The machine head is mainly used to install the mold on a flat plate. The mold only needs to be installed and fixed on the flat plate, which is simple and convenient. The main advantage of the flat die head is the thermal welding or plastic bubble shell sealing of the plastic and plastic products with large high-frequency die area. A rectangular flat plate with a size of 400 * 200 for installing the mold.

Thank you for your patience. The above is an introduction to the performance characteristics and basic structure of the high frequency plastic welding machine. Part of the content comes from the network and is only for reference. If you want to know more about the high frequency plastic welding machine, please call for details, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.


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