Operation requirements and purchasing skills of high cycle fuse

Date:2022-10-13 Reading:

The high cycle fuse is mainly aimed at the ordinary high cycle machine which can not complete the production and processing of specific product materials. It can quickly cut off the redundant parts at the same time of material welding or within a few seconds after material welding. It can be used to improve the packaging quality of products. What are the operating requirements and purchasing skills of high frequency fuse?

1、 Requirements for operating high cycle fuse:

1. Replace with a new cutter. If the height is different, reset it according to the setting method.

2. During operation, the tool shall be placed in the center of the upper platen as far as possible to avoid unilateral wear of the machine and affect its service life.

3. Avoid overloading to damage the machine and prolong its service life.

4. When the operator needs to leave the position temporarily, he must press the brake switch or turn off the motor to avoid damage to the machine due to improper operation.

5. Add lubricating oil once a day at the brake of the upper platen slider to ensure smooth sliding of the upper platen.

6. When setting the tool, the fixed hand wheel must be loosened first to make the setting lever contact the cutting point control switch, otherwise the setting action cannot be generated when the tool setting switch is switched to ON.

7. Please leave the cutting knife or base plate when cutting off. It is strictly prohibited to use the hand to hold the knife die for cutting to avoid accidents.

8. The valve fixed on the oil circuit block has been correctly set by the manufacturer. Do not adjust without authorization to avoid damaging the high-pressure oil system.


2、 How to purchase high cycle fuse:

1. The nominal pressure shall be 1.2-1.3 times greater than the calculated pressure.

2. The stroke shall meet the requirements of product height and size, and ensure that the products can be taken out of the mold smoothly after stamping, especially for bending and drawing parts.

3. The mold mounting height shall be greater than the closing height of the die.

4. The size of the lower workbench and the bottom size of the slider should meet the correct installation of the mold. The size of the leak shall be larger than or can pass through the product and waste.

5. The number of strokes (stamping times per minute for the slider) shall meet the requirements of productivity and material deformation speed.

Thank you for your patient reading. The above is an introduction to the operating requirements and purchasing skills of the high frequency fuse. Part of the content comes from the network and is only for reference. If you want to know more about the high frequency fuse, please call us for details, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.


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