Routine maintenance and installation precautions of ultrasonic machine

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Ultrasonic machine is a sum of ultrasonic equipment. The high-frequency oscillation signal sent by the ultrasonic generator is converted into high-frequency mechanical oscillation through the sensor and propagated to the medium. What are the daily maintenance and installation precautions of the ultrasonic machine?

1、 Routine maintenance of ultrasonic machine:

1. Daily maintenance methods. Maintain the ventilation, dryness and cleanness of the equipment workplace, which is conducive to the long-term efficient operation of the equipment, and optimize the working environment conditions; If the washing liquid is too dirty, it should be handled in time, and the dirt in the washing tank and the liquid storage tank should be cleaned regularly to keep the appearance of the washing tank clean, which can improve the durability of the washing tank;

2. Regular maintenance. Vents of electrical control boxes and equipment shall be kept away from water vapor, corrosive gas and dust, and the attached dust shall be removed regularly with compressed air. Regularly test the insulation performance of the equipment, regularly check the electrical components that are prone to aging, and check the grounding wire to ensure that the equipment is well grounded. The project must be carried out by an electrician with professional experience. The power supply must be tested regularly to confirm that it meets the requirements of the power supply voltage of the equipment, so as to avoid long-term work under an unstable power supply that is too high or too low.


2、 Precautions for installation of ultrasonic machine

1. The ultrasonic sensor shall not rotate more than 360 ° to avoid twisting the high-voltage wire.

2. The grounding wire shall be grounded and shall not be connected to the grounding wire of power supply to prevent high voltage leakage.

3. There are high-voltage lines in the ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic electric box. Do not carry out internal maintenance during use except for adjusting external operations.

4. During operation (under load), the vibration meter shall not exceed the red area (in the case of standard welding machine). In order to reduce the pressure, reduce the number of output sections, and adjust the sound wave adjustment, please contact the manufacturer for treatment if it cannot be lowered after adjustment.

5. Pay attention to cleaning the air pressure source. If 1/2 of the water in the air filter of the machine is trapped, please remove it at any time. If there is too much water, the water of the air compressor must be cleaned frequently.

6. When there is no load in acoustic inspection, the amplitude meter shall not exceed 1a. If it exceeds 1a, adjust the sonic adjusting screw. If the ultrasonic welding head or ultrasonic machine cannot be lowered below 1a after adjustment, there may be something abnormal. Please contact the manufacturer for handling.

7. Do not place the ultrasonic machine in a damp, dusty and overheated place. Do not place liquids on the machine. Clean regularly. Please wipe with clean dry. Please do not wash with liquid.

8. Press the sonic inspection switch intermittently, and do not press it continuously for more than three seconds to maintain the service life of the ultrasonic sensor.

9. The welding head itself is determined by the welding material and must match the resonance of the vibration system. Therefore, the welding head should use the original product to avoid damaging the vibration system.

10. Do not press on the vibration welding head to avoid burns. In case of danger during automatic operation, please press the emergency button.

Thank you for your patience. The above is an introduction to the daily maintenance and installation precautions of the ultrasonic machine. Some of the contents are from the network and are only for reference. If you want to know more about the ultrasonic machine, you are welcome to call us for details, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.


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