The purchasing skills of blister packaging machine and the solution to the problem of mold sticking

Date:2022-10-13 Reading:

Blister packaging machine is a machine that absorbs thermoplastic coiled materials such as heat plasticized polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene into high-grade packaging boxes and frames of various shapes. Now let's understand the purchasing skills of blister packaging machine and the solutions to the problem of mold sticking?

1、 Purchasing skills of blister packaging machine

1. First, confirm whether the power and pressure of the required machine can reach the effect of our products. The smaller the size, the smaller the power required. The larger the size, the smaller the machine does not need to use large equipment.

2. In addition, confirm whether your product only needs to be fused and sealed or fused and cut off the synchronously fused blister packaging machine.

3. Secondly, according to the operation mode of the machine, there are small blister packaging machine, disk blister packaging machine, rotary table blister packaging machine, push disk blister packaging machine, full-automatic single mechanical blister packaging machine, full-automatic dual manipulator blister packaging machine, automatic slide high cycle synchronous fusing packaging machine, etc. These are all based on the actual operation needs, and are semi-automatic, automatic, and purely manual operations.


2、 How to Solve the Mold Sticking Phenomenon of Blister Packaging Machine

1. The products that need to be cut during the sealing and packaging of PET foam shell shall adopt the high cycle synchronous fuse, the mold shall adopt the demoulding technology, and the equipment shall adopt the pressurization system to improve the sealing appearance quality of PET foam shell.

2. For hot welding of PET foam shell, it is necessary to determine the stability of the mold first. When making the high cycle fusing mold, the side with the pattern should be designed to effectively reduce the bonding of PET foam shell.

3. The sealing of ordinary blister shell can be demoulded by spring in the upper mold.

So today's explanation will come to an end. That's all for today. I believe you have a certain understanding of the purchasing skills of blister packaging machines and the solutions to the problem of mold sticking. Thank you very much for your patience. If you want to know more about the blister packaging machine, you can call the service hotline at the top right corner to consult us.


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