Operation steps and precautions of high frequency plastic welding machine

Date:2022-10-19 Reading:

The high frequency plastic welding machine mainly uses high frequency equipment to generate electromagnetic wave current electric field at the moment of self-excited high frequency electronic tube oscillation. It uses processed PVC, TPU, EVA, PET and other plastic and plastic materials to generate polarized friction and heat generated by the internal molecules of the plastic and plastic materials in the electromagnetic wave electric field. With a certain pressure, the plastic and plastic products that need to be welded by heat sealing can achieve the function of welding and sealing, Now let's introduce the operation steps and precautions of the high frequency plastic welding machine. Welcome to read!

Operation steps of high frequency plastic welding machine:

1. First turn on the three-phase power supply and switch, then turn on the power switch on the machine side control box (if there is a high cycle switch on the side, it will not be turned on temporarily), and then turn on the hot mold power switch. At this time, the vacuum tube and the hot mold begin to preheat.

2. Install the insulator in the lower mold, place the work (rubber part), install the upper mold at the upper end, press the mold test switch, and start debugging the joint position of the upper mold and the lower mold. If the lower joint is not good, move the lower die. If the level is inconsistent, adjust the four columns of the upper formwork.

3. After the mold is adjusted, adjust three time controllers (if it is a pedal machine, only the high cycle calling time), that is, the time from the upper mold to the lower mold, and the high cycle time is the output time, the cooling time and the curing time. The above three times need to be used flexibly and have no fixed value.

4. If the mode is adjusted for the first time, it is necessary to rotate the co modulator to position 0.

5. If the temperature meets the requirements after 10-15 minutes, turn on the high cycle output switch and start the operation test.

6. When testing, if the effect is not ideal, you need to slowly add a homologator. (One scale, one scale plus), and then watch the length of the ammeter rise to about 0.4A (3-4KW). 0.5A (5-8A), indicating that the product is poor.

It is almost possible to check the product. If it is almost the same, add or subtract a bit of coherence device to directly meet the requirements. Generally, the coherence scale is between 30-60. 7. The effect of finished products is determined by the following four aspects:

A) . Temperature B). Coherent power output C). Pressure D). Please flexibly adjust the above four aspects of output high cycle time.


Precautions for high frequency plastic welding machine:

1. To ensure operation safety, set the OFF state of the closing switch.

2. It is forbidden to directly contact the upper and lower electrodes during operation, because the parts are damaged due to short circuit.

3. During welding, it is strictly forbidden to touch the electrode, conductive sheet and mold on the heating plate with hands to avoid skin burns.

4. During operation, do not turn on the high frequency directly under the upper and lower electrodes to avoid burning parts or molds due to short circuit or ignition.

5. There is high voltage in the machine, so the electric switch must be pulled down during maintenance to ensure personal safety.

Thank you for your patient reading. The above is an introduction to the operation steps and precautions of the high frequency plastic welding machine. Some of the content comes from the network and is only for reference. If you want to know more about the high frequency plastic welding machine, please call for details, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.


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