Benefits of blister packaging machine to products? The influence of blister oil on blister packaging?

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Blister packaging machine is a machine that absorbs thermoplastic coiled materials such as heated and plasticized PVC and PE into high-grade packaging decorative boxes, frames and other products of various shapes. Blister molding, also known as thermoplastic molding, mainly uses the vacuum suction generated by the vacuum pump to heat and soften PVC and PET materials. So what are the benefits of the blister packaging machine for the product? Does blister oil affect blister packaging?

1、 Benefits of blister packaging machine to products?

1. Freshness. Especially for articles used once, there is a separate compartment for consumers to prepare articles anytime and anywhere. Therefore, food, medicine and other environmentally sensitive items may benefit from plastic packaging.

2. Dose or portion. For drugs and some foods, these packages evenly distribute one item, so that consumers can clearly know the weight of one use. When using this type of packaging, the drug dosage is easier to understand and safer for consumers.

3. Packaging materials. As far as aesthetics is concerned, plastic blister container is a good choice, because it provides a variety of choices for products, so as to create a visually attractive and pleasant experience. Plastics and cardboard are commonly used in commercial applications.

4. Visibility. These containers have a plastic front, allowing consumers to view the product before buying. This ensures that the number of products included is the same as that described in the advertisement and has been included in the cost of all products. Even if customers can see the product, they cannot touch it. This protects the product.

5. Safety. Packaging is an ideal solution for items that need to be kept in a fixed state. Personalized and usually smaller compartments do not allow the product to move within the package. This design can prevent the goods from being damaged during transportation.

6. Customizable. Since all plastic blisters are thermoformed, each design is unique to the products sold. Regardless of the size or quantity of the items contained in the blister packaging, they can be customized to meet the needs of the product.


2、 The influence of blister oil on blister packaging?

1. Different resin components will affect the conjunctival effect and the permeability of the paper surface. General polyurethane materials are made by reaction of cyanate ester and active hydrogen compound, with extremely active chemical properties, good permeability and poor conjunctival performance; Acrylic material is a kind of resin copolymerized by acrylate and methacrylate, which belongs to chain structure, with large molecular weight, good printing conjunctiva performance and poor permeability.

2. The viscosity and thinness of the plastic absorbing oil directly affect the leveling and permeability. High viscosity, thick blister oil, difficult to transfer, blocked penetration, poor hot air effect. Dilute the blister oil with a matching special thinner, and then measure it with a measuring cup No. 4 (the viscosity is about 25-28 seconds). Check the viscosity of the oil every 15 minutes. Every time you add or replace new crude oil, check the viscosity of the oil and test the blister property of the product.

3. The poor aging performance of the blister oil will lead to the loss or poor blister performance after oil passing, and it is easy to fall off after plastic absorption. It mainly affects the shelf life of the blister oil. Generally, the products are blistered within one month after the oil is used, and the effect is good.

4. Impact of PH value of blister oil. Try to choose a weak alkaline polyurethane blister oil with good elasticity, good adhesion and stable performance. Because the blister oil is strong in acid, it is easy to make the printed matter discolor. The compatibility of other components in the blister oil is poor, which affects the permeability of the blister oil.

5. Before starting, it is necessary to clean the oil pump and oil tank of the machine with plastic absorbing oil thinner to ensure that the machine and equipment do not contain other oil residues, otherwise it is easy to cause unnecessary chemical reactions and reduce the plastic absorbing performance.

6. The performance of oil based blister oil is superior to that of water based blister oil. The solvent in the oily blister oil has strong solubility and high activity, which can break the hydrogen bond in the blister oil molecule. Small molecules are easier to penetrate and the solvent is also easy to volatilize, so the drying speed is fast and the blister effect is good.

Thank you for your patient reading. Is this the benefit of the blister packaging machine for the product? The influence of blister oil on blister packaging? Some of the contents are from the network and are for reference only. If you want to know more about the blister packaging machine, please call for details, and we will be happy to serve you.


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