Structure Composition and Characteristics of Blister Packaging Machine

Date:2022-10-13 Reading:

The blister packaging machine is composed of a pressing plate, a mold, a frame, a control panel, an automatic manipulator, an automatic turntable, and a castor. The control panel of the blister packaging machine is equipped with a governor, an automatic pneumatic switch, a main power switch, a power indication, an emergency stop switch, a current conversion button, a current plate, and an operation screen.

The pressing plate of the blister packaging machine is supported by two guide pillars, which increases the balance, makes the pressure more stable, and enhances the adhesion between the paper card and the blister. The unique design of delayed heating when the pressing plate is in place makes the product more heat tight and beautiful.

The disc with a diameter of 1180mm of the blister packaging machine can put 4 molds. After setting parameters, the disc can automatically run, and the manipulator can automatically take the finished product; Workers only need to put plastic, paper cards and packaged products. PLC control, more convenient and intuitive.


The blister packaging machine is equipped with an emergency stop button design, which can stop the work under any circumstances to ensure safe operation and reduce the occurrence of defective products. The vacuum plastic packaging machine is small in size, can be placed at will, easy to operate and high in efficiency.

The requirements for the control system of blister packaging machine are to ensure convenient operation, high accuracy of mechanical action and temperature control, short production time, and to save mechanical power consumption as much as possible under the same production conditions. The blister packaging machine is equipped with a leakage protection device: the packaging line is grounded to prevent manual electric shock, and the dangerous part is labeled with yellow warning color.


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