Application, principle and configuration of plastic fuse

Date:2022-10-13 Reading:

Plastic fuse belongs to high-frequency equipment. The self-excited oscillator of the electron tube generates high-frequency electromagnetic fields. In the high-frequency electromagnetic field between the upper and lower electrodes of plastic processing, its internal molecules are polarized and moved, causing mutual friction and heat, so as to achieve the purpose of melting under the pressure of the mold. It is mainly used for processing products that need high-frequency welding and must be cut synchronously. It is mainly applicable to the sealed packaging of APET, PETG and GAG environment-friendly double-sided plastic blister shells, plastic blister paper card packaging, toothbrush sealed packaging, EVA cloth, leather, OPP, PU, watch straps, straps, hot water bags, thermal bags and other products requiring synchronous welding and fusion.

The plastic fuse machine uses the high-frequency heat sealing principle to heat the workpiece through the high-frequency mold, and weld the plastic to the plastic, the plastic to the paper card, or the plastic to the paper card. When printing, the surface of the welded paper card is usually coated with a layer of PVC or APET PETG glue, which is integrated under the action of high frequency. The plastic fuse is equipped with a spark protection system, which has high sensitivity to prevent high-frequency mold from burning. High frequency frequency stabilizer and high frequency shielding device are also provided to reduce high frequency interference and avoid radio wave interference. At the same time, it can avoid the frequency drift caused by improper operation, reduce the damage of electrodes and materials, and the alarm lamp can also be turned on for alarm.


The oscillation frequency of plastic fuse meets the international industrial frequency band standard. The high vacuum tube self-excited oscillator generates high-frequency electromagnetic field, which makes the processed plastic generate violent motion friction between molecules in the high-frequency electric field between the upper electrode and the lower electrode, and obtain welding effect under the mold pressure. The plastic fuse adopts H-shaped gantry structure, left and right two-way automatic sliding table, which continuously pushes the mold back and forth, and operates efficiently.

The plastic fuse is equipped with an automatic sliding table device. During the operation, the products are transported through the sliding platform and enter the intermediate station. The cylinder on the machine head drops automatically, high-frequency welding, cooling and shaping (cutting), the machine head rises, the sliding table exits automatically, and the finished product is taken out manually. The left workstation and the right workstation can work alternately according to the time difference of taking and placing products. Greatly reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency. The plastic fuse machine is equipped with a three position solenoid valve, which can be used in conjunction with the time system. The lifting distance of the cylinder can be adjusted at will, reducing the time required for cylinder ejection and recovery, and improving the production speed.

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