Main Functions and Uses of Automatic High Frequency Wave Machine

Date:2022-10-13 Reading:

Automatic high cycle machine is mainly used to shape various plastic products and automatically trim different shapes of blisters or blisters. It is suitable for PVC double-sided blister sealing, blister and paper card sealing, environment-friendly APET film folding, soft wire indentation die cutting, environment-friendly APET double-sided blister sealing, shrink trimming, and special material sealing. Blister packaging (including upper and lower double blister heat sealing and trimming, blister and cardboard heat sealing and trimming), automotive interior, trademarks, stationery boxes, raincoats, blow toys, plastic covers, coolant pads, footwear products, cushions, various packaging bags, portable soft bags and other heat sealing processes, as well as the pressing of various concave and convex patterns and letters.

The control switch of the automatic high-frequency wave machine is used to control the high-frequency output. The switch must be turned off when calibrating the model, and then turned on when working. The automatic high cycle wave machine time delay system is used to adjust the length of time for the upper mold to press the workpiece to an appropriate time to ensure the smooth contact between the upper mold and the workpiece, so as to prevent the upper mold from releasing the high cycle due to not contacting the workpiece, which affects the welding effect. The welding time system of the automatic high-frequency wave machine is adjusted and set according to the welding time required by the workpiece size. After working for a period of time, the welding time can be appropriately shortened.


The automatic high cycle wave machine memory setting time system refers to the setting time that the mold stays on the workpiece after high cycle welding, which is generally adjusted between 0.5-1.0 seconds. The screen ammeter displays the climbing current at high cycle output. If the climb index exceeds the limit of the instrument, the high cycle switch must be turned off to reduce the high cycle to ensure normal operation. Rise time system: adjust this time system to change the rise height of the mold. Automatic control switch: this key is closed during die calibration. After the mold is adjusted by raising or lowering the up and down buttons, the keys will be turned on for automatic operation.

Automatic high cycle counter: it will automatically count once for each operation, and can accumulate or reset the counter. Up button: press this button continuously or intermittently to control the rise of the heating plate (mold). Down button: press this button continuously or intermittently to control the lowering of the heating plate (mold). Voltmeter: displays the current workpiece voltage. Working power switch: start or stop the host, and work 10 minutes after startup. Temperature controller: adjust the heating temperature, which is generally set at about 110 ℃. Grounding circuit device: during operation, the copper ring must be grounded (contact the rotary table or push plate).

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