Blister principle and configuration function of blister packaging machine

Date:2022-10-13 Reading:

The blister packaging machine adopts pulse and constant temperature heating, the heat sealing action is automatically completed, and the manual turntable is convenient for operation, mold opening and replacement, and maintenance. It is suitable for the inner sealing blister packaging of batteries, cutting pieces, chewing gum, hardware tools and other products. It is also suitable for packaging stationery, electronic products, MP3, MP4, MP5 blister packaging, toothbrush packaging, floss packaging, toy packaging, gift packaging, hardware tools packaging, u-disk packaging and other blister paper card packaging. After packaging, the product is beautiful and protective.

The blister packaging machine adopts Chinese display screen, programmable controller control system, stainless steel box, and only needs to set the required parameters (such as speed, bag length, output counting, exhaust, empty bag detection, etc.) On the display setting unit, the control system automatically optimizes and matches the coordination of various actions to achieve the packaging effect. The photoelectric detection system is stable and reliable, and can ensure the integrity of the packaging bag. The blister packaging machine has high production efficiency. The raw and auxiliary materials are saved, the weight is light, the transportation is convenient, and the sealing is good, meeting the requirements of environmental protection and green packaging; Any special-shaped products can be packaged.


The blister packaging machine can be used for double-sided blister sealed packaging, blister elevator sealed packaging, double-sided paper clip blister cover heat sealed packaging, also known as blister packaging, high-frequency heat sealed packaging, blister packaging. Therefore, the high cycle blister packaging machine is also a kind of packaging equipment commonly used in packaging machinery, printing and packaging machinery. As the mouth of the product is easy to see after packaging and sealing, the blister packaging machine can also be used for some plastic welding, PVC welding, plastic welding, leather stamping, etc.

The shape of blister packaging machine is novel, and the head height is adjustable. It is driven by air cylinder, and the pressure rises and falls steadily. The programmable time control system is adopted for the circuit, and the time parameters are preset, which can accurately complete all operations such as preheating, welding, cooling, and realize electromagnetic counting. The output power of the blister packaging machine can be adjusted by an easily adjustable synchronizer, and the required oscillating current can be set according to the product size and thickness to control the welding degree and ensure the uniformity of the product welding quality. The blister packaging machine is equipped with a highly sensitive spark suppression circuit, which can detect the unbalanced current generating sparks at any time, and cut off the oscillating circuit to suppress sparks at the moment of spark generation, thus greatly reducing the damage to molds, raw materials and products.

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