Precautions when using high frequency equipment

Date:2022-10-19 Reading:

High frequency equipment is the preferred equipment for plastic thermal synthesis. It uses high-frequency electric field to make molecules inside the plastic vibrate to generate heat energy, thus melting various products. Suitable for welding and welding of various PVC plastics. What should we pay attention to when using high frequency equipment?

Precautions when using high frequency equipment:

1、 The high frequency equipment must be installed with grounding device, and how to install the grounding wire. The high frequency machine is very sensitive to moisture and dust, and must be placed in a suitable working area.

2、 The vacuum tube of high frequency equipment will generate high heat, so it cannot be placed beside the machine generating high heat or installed in the place directly exposed to the sun. The above reasons will affect the heat dissipation function of the vacuum tube.

3、 The shutdown time of the high frequency equipment exceeds 1 hour. After the power is turned on, the vacuum tube must be preheated for 10-15 minutes to prolong and protect the service life of the vacuum tube.

4、 The upper and lower extremities of high frequency equipment cannot be directly contacted, and the insulation and working surface must be in them.

5、 During operation, the high cycle output shall not touch the upper pole output end, nor the universal meter, tester or other low-frequency instruments. Direct measurement of the upper pole output end is prone to accidents.

6、 Check the lower insulation regularly. If there is any damage, burning or damage, replace the insulation immediately. Otherwise, sparks will be generated when continuing to work, resulting in failure to complete the work.


7、 Sparks often occur, the upper and lower ends collide, and high cycle output occurs. Maintenance and inspection are not carried out, and mechanical parts are damaged, affecting work.

8、 The labor tools used in the production of finished products shall be free from moisture and dust as far as possible. Articles are easy to generate sparks.

9、 After the high frequency equipment is started, the sound of the fan rotation (4KW, 5kW low sound) is the heat dissipation of the vacuum tube. If the fan fails, it should be repaired immediately. Otherwise, the vacuum pipe will be damaged.

So that's all for today's explanation. I believe you have a certain understanding of what should be paid attention to when using high frequency equipment. Thank you for your patience. If you want to know more about the high frequency equipment, you can call the service hotline at the top right corner to consult us.


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